Letter writing day – December 7

Who the bloody hell still writes letters?

I ask this question in a day were I converse with my friends over a minimum of 6 different mobile phone applications. They are easy, instant, powerful, and reliable.

Through an application you can send words, emojis, links, photographs, and even sneaky dickpics. Most of the communication applications out there run on the internet, this means direct and immediate contact. Great for long distance relationships.

Billions of dollars are invested in communication technologies, social networks, and digital platforms every single day. Why? Because millions of people use them daily, and they’re great ways to make money. Their almost undoubtably perfect reliability makes these communication technologies so helpful and hand.


So why write a letter?

Even though letters are slower, they can be poorly written, they don’t hold context very well, and they can sometimes be illegible (my own handwriting could be compared to a dyslexic 4 year old), we should still engage in letter writing.

Letters are personal. They offer an original way of letting someone know that they mean something to you. Everyone has different handwriting, different tones, different ways of explaining things. I’m trying to suggest that every letter is different and unique, unlike those sterile, black and white, unimaginative, communication applications.

Further this idea is the invention of the stationery. Stationery is what separates the novice letter writers and the professional letter writers. If you pick the correct stationery, the mean of the letter can increase by one million percent. It can also decrease the meaning by the same amount of percents. For example you write a letter to your cat loving buddy, but you use stationery that has dogs and lizards all over it. At that point in time you need to reassess the stationery situation.

From observations that I’ve made whilst wandering around the local shopping centre, I believe that humanity is becoming more and more materialistic. Everyone needs the newest iPhone for Christmas, or the best new playstation, or a diamond ring! So why not support this upward trend and send someone a letter? They’re physical, they’re collectable, and sometimes it can start an obsession with hoarding things.

So on this Letter Writing Day, pull out a pen and paper and write something beautiful to someone that you care about, or maybe someone that you might moderately care about, or maybe someone you don’t actually like, maybe a politician?


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a little slack recently.

I should have made a new episode, I should have written a new blog post, but my only excuse is that I’ve been engaging in the all Aussie tradition of bludging.

This post is also the first of what is to come. Because podcasts take time to write, edit and produce, I can only do them every so often. BUT I’d love to keep ya’ll engaged with these blog posts in between episodes.

We are back (I don’t know for how long though) and we are ready to talk about days!


Apple dumpling day – September 22

Through A Story For A Day I want to help the world become a better place. This is of course a dramatically over exaggerated statement, but maybe today I can help you become a better you?

In conjunction with the American holiday of National Apple Dumpling Day, I will teach y’all to cook Apple Dumplings!

In true story for a day fashion most of these amounts are all rough estimates.


Shortcrust Pastry

A tea spoon of nutmeg

A tea spoon of cinnamon

A dash of vanilla extract

1/2 of a cap of butter

3/4 of a cup of brown sugar

3 cups of water

4 apples (any types)


  1. Peel and core four apples.
  2. Place the apples in the middle of a square of short crust pastry.
  3. Fill each apple with a stick of butter and some brown sugar.
  4. Fold up the sides of your pastry over the apple and pinch them at the top so they’re closed tightly.
  5. Place the dumplings into a  high sided dish.
  6. On the stove pour in a cup of brown sugar, a couple dashes of nutmeg, chuck in some cinnamon and an appropriate amount of butter, 200 grams should be enough. This will become your sauce.
  7. Let your sauce boil together. Pour your sauce into the dish  with the dumplings. Sprinkle a little more brown sugar over the top if you’re feeling a little sweet.
  8. Chuck it all into a preheated oven of 200 degrees Celsius for just over an hour.

Music for this episode was supplied by:

Wolfwolf, with his track High.


Oscilla, with his piece of magic called Colours. Go and like his facebook page because his music really nails it!

Dog day – August 26

You’ve had a cracking hard day at work, the boss caught you reading blogs and listening to podcasts all day long. When you get home all you want to do is go to bed, however, someone wants to say hi. I’m talking about your dog (well that is if you’re a dog person – however if you’re not a dog person you still need to listen to this  episode).

I spoke to my neighbour about her dogs and there is a very disgusting story involved so don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you’re a little turned off by poo stories then make sure you listen to this one because its a real stinker!

Colleen Paige, the creator of National Dog Day has also created 18 other days of national celebration (most of them having something to do with animals). Check the list out:

  • National Pet Travel Safety Day – January 2
  • National Dress Up Your Pet day – January 14
  • National Bed Day – March 7
  • National Puppy Day – March 23
  • National Farm Animals Day – April 10
  • National Pet Day – April 11
  • National Kids & Pets Day – April 26
  • National Pets in Film Day – June 18
  • National Dog Day – August 26
  • National Wild Life Day – September 4
  • National Walk Your Dog Week – October 1-7
  • National Cat Day – October 29
  • National Kitchen Day – November 1
  • National Living Room Day – November 8
  • National Mutt Day – December 3

Music featured in this episode came from Sydney based producer Wolfwolf and The Womb.


Near miss day/ #YOLODAY – March 23

The world is a fragile place.

We know this because of things like climate change, war, politics and the internet.

But did you know that at any second the Earth could be destroyed by a rock from space?


Then you’d better get your #YOLO Action Plans ready!

I think A Story For A Day should be apart of your #YOLO Action Plan. Give this a listen and then you’ll be a little more comfortable with the potential of the world ending in a matter of seconds.

Music for this episode was supplied by (in order of appearance)
Maxine Kauter Band
Emma Davis

National frozen food day – March 13

Frozen food. What can I say? It’s a great thing.

Captain Birds Eye (aka Clarence Birdseye) redefined the way which we access, produce and even consume food when he created frozen food.

Today I thought we’d combine two stories to create one super story. You’ll get a little dose of US politics (YES!!) and a little food industry history (yum!!).

Whether or not you eat frozen food I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy this story.

Produced and Written by Keegan Thomson

Music by Jahzzar, Big Scary, Wolfwolf

International mother language day – February 21

In 2014 there are a range of ways we show our opinions.

You can craft an aggressive tweet, share a link on facebook, sign a petition on change.org (or even sign the petition for the White House to send Justin Bieber back to Canada), or simply go down to your university campus and hand out pamphlets.  But what happens if more than half of these options aren’t available to you? How do you then get your voice heard?

In the 1950s you didn’t have facebook, twitter, or online petitions. Protest was shown through direct action and demonstration.

Protest is all good and well minded, particularly if its peaceful, but what happens if you can’t even protest. Suddenly you find yourself voiceless.

The story of International Mother Language Day came about because of population of voiceless people, and their fight to gain a voice.

Produced and Written by Keegan Thomson

Music by The Womb, szdl, Red Berry Plumb

World radio day – February 10


Someone took it upon good authority to dedicate one of the 365.242 days of the year to one of the greatest inventions and methods of communicating.

In 2010 the Spanish Envoy to the  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation stood up and asked, “Why don’t we have a day of the year dedicated to the radio?”

Damn good question if you ask me!

So in 2012 we celebrated our very first, World Radio Day.

Now I know that I’m very biased towards this topic but I say finally, some smart Alec decided to make a day for radios!

This is the story behind the creation of World Radio Day and why it is important to have it on our calendar.

Produced and Written by Keegan Thomson

Music by Crooked Colours